Designing Product for Backend Developers

June 5, 2019,

I am talking about website design here, not the actual product design 🙂

I am a backend developer through and through, and while I understand the importance of a good looking UI, I have avoided it like the plage, so much so I have avoided the great javascript framework wars of the last five years. This is not to say I won’t pick it up when the time requires it. I am fully aware that Automaily will at some point need the dashboard updated to improve usability. However, I thought I would write a little guide for backend developers like myself on how to build a product and avoid the topic.

Split landing site/dashboard

I think this is one of the key parts, define a clear separation between the landing site and the application.

The application in the early days needs to be a purely functional plan. Customers will not mind about the appearance if the system is robust! As a Laravel developer, I build my first product dashboard using the Laravel default bootstrap theme. After two years it’s still going strong and I still get customers telling me how easy it is to use.

Your landing site, unfortunately, you do have to make, and for that, I recommend if your bad at a design like my self seeking help.

Buy themes!

I buy all my landing site themes! Even this one was brought, not to say I don’t spend time getting them right, changing the feel to how I want.

Normally I use WrapBootstrap or the offical bootstrap themes. Well spotted I always go for bootstrap themes, my reason, I am most familiar with its style and can easily make changes. When someone cracks tailwind templates, I will start buying them!

Do learn SASS compliers

Generally, if you get a good theme from one of these sites they provide the CSS via SASS or Less and it does pay to learn and use them makes making changes so much easier.

Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of Automaily.