Improved account Setup

August 22, 2019,

We have improved the setup process for Automaily but removing a DNS verification step making it optional.

Some of our customers have been having a hard time getting set up with email sending and the large number of DNS records we require to send emails on your behalf correctly, so we have come up with an even easier way to get started.

Each account now set setup with a for example Which your free to start using right away and automating workflows.

You can add custom emails via email validation, you add your address e.g. and our email providers send you a verification email to follow. Once you do so you are free to use that address to send Stripe emails.

Do we still have DNS Verifying?

We do, setting up DNS is the best way to ensure email delivery rates, and our support is always on hand if you want to be walked through getting setup.

We hope this improvement helps people start automating Stripe email even faster 🙂