Should you send a Pre-Dunning Email

July 21, 2019,

Pre-Dunning emails are where you send an email to a customer before their card is expiring asking them to update it.

It used to be key, as like the current day when a card expires services can experience interruptions.

Stripe Card Auto Updater

However today, ( I say today but Stripe introduced this in 2015) use a process called card updater, it communities with card providers like Visa and Mastercard and updates expired cards automatically. Last time I researched it 70% of cards were getting automatically updated.

With this high rate of success with cards automatically updating the process of sending a Pre-Dunning email can have a negative effect on your customers. It’s more emails your sending them which 7/10 times was not needed.

If you do want to remind customers it’s far better to send it with a message that offers real value and added it as a point.

Read Stripes blog post on Card Updater Feature

Make your turn off Stripes Automatic Email

Stripe will send a pre-dunning email a month before, which if you want to brand them yourself with Automaily you need to turn off and also turn off if you don’t want to annoy your customers with an email that might not be needed.

Turn off Pre Dunning Emails in Stripe