Weekly BootStrap Podcast Roundup Week 23

June 5, 2019,

This is a new concept I have come up with, I listen to a lot of podcasts around startups, I am most interested in stuff that applies to myself with Automaily and with SnapShooter. Which tends to be the bootstrap related content. So I was thinking of doing a weekly roundup, let me know if you like the format.

SaaS Reality

Saddy this week we have been unable to record a podcast. I am unsure when we will be able to resume but we are still here and will have a lot to catch up on

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Startups for the rest of us

This weeks podcast was great, mostly because my question which I submitted a couple of weeks was answered. I have since asked come up with a solution to my pricing problem, At least one I am happy enough with to get going.

They also talked about the nightmare it is to get verified with Gmail. Which is a worry for any startup who is in that space and pretty much means bootstrapping a startup in that space is no next to impossible now.

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Another good podcast from Bootstrapping Saas, after seeing Val a bit depressed about getting customers onboard it seems there has been a change in mindset. Val has created a fantastic project management tool ( I know what a crazy dude to enter the forbidden space!) which seems a perfect tool for none software related projects. Nice to see him coming up with solutions as the problem is real for most bootstrappers getting those customers. There is no silver bullet!

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Almost related the Build your saas podcast made some cracking points about picking your market and whether you are fishing in the correct pond. It was funny listening to them come up with a fishing analogy and then stretching it to cover startups. Some interesting points about picking a niche that’s too small, I am not doing it justice you should just listen!

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