Welcome Your Customers With Automation

One of the simplest workflows, sending a customer a welcome email when you create there Stripe account Build Welcome Emails Today
Welcome Stripe Email

Let us Handle the Welcome email

In Stripe there is no way to send a customer a welcome email when there account is created, you have to handle this yourself, if you have built your application from scratch this might not be the hardest process to create, however if you want fancy insights, like open rates, clicks, spam reports you need to build all of that at the same time. These are fantastically useful things to know, however the time to build can out way the value

If you let a 3rd party create your stripe customer there might not be anyway to send custom welcome emails at all! For example Simple Pay for WorkPress.

Video WalkThrough

How to Setup a Welcome Email in Automaily

The following is a quick guide for setting up a Welcome Email workflow for your Stripe customers in automaily

Once your account is all setup and connected to Stripe, you need to make a New Workflow, use the trigger Stripe Customer Created /examples/welcome/welcome-create-workflow.png

You will get a empty workflow Empty Welcome Workflow

Lets add a action to your workflow press the (+) button in the flow chart to bring up a actions creator menu Action Creator From here you can choose any delays, conditions and actions, for now we will focus on actions Action Creator Choose Email

Write Your Email

Then your free to write your email, select your from address Write welcome email for stripe customer

Email Notes and Tips

  • The from email can be from any address you control, sometimes we recommend sending on from a support based email, with a followup from a founder email address
  • The first email you send in the workflow can be transactional, sending welcome emails count as tranaction, and other you send in the created workflow will be marketing type (unsubscribe option)
  • Again the first email we recommend rich templating, but a follow up email is sometimes nice to be personal and templated
  • Subject Line is very important spend most of your effort here
  • Write useful content, in the example we talk about there subscription, Make sure at the time of emailing a subscription exists, you may need to delay a email by a couple of minutes to make sure Stripe and us get all of the data required

Finished Welcome Workflow

Action Creator

Don't forget to publish your workflow when your finished, otherwise it will never run.

Example email copy

Dear {{ customer.name | default:"Customer" }},

Thanks for signing up! We want you to get the most out of your {{product_name}} experience, so we've included some useful information below.

To access your account and ..............., visit the dashboard

You have currently on the {{subscription.products.0.stripe_id}} plan. Don't forget you can trail a paid plan until {{ subscription.trial_end | date: "%a, %b %d, %Y" }}.

If you would like help, you can contact me personally by replying

~[Login Today](https://Product URL)

Upgrade Today!

Thank you, Your Name, {{product_name}}