Custom Stripe Emails

Send Custom Dynamic Emails, Triggered by Stripe Events
No need to use Stripes automatic emails any more
Custom Stripe Emails

Stripe Email Vs Automaily

Stripe Email

Stripe Invoice Email Example

Automaily Email

Stripe Invoice Email Example

Custom Email Features

Custom Email DNS

Stripe will send all emails from an address like not your own business, we don't think thats good enough and does not build trust

When you setup your account we give you a set of DNS records and this allows enables you to send emails from your own Domain, don't worry we can help you get setup!

100% Customizable Email Text

Stripe does not allow you to write a custom email, we have a rich email editor which will guide you through the process of writing a custom email.

We have dynamic variables in emails so you can add user information for example a customers name Hello {{ }}

Custom Email Timing

You may not want to email your customers at 2am Sunday morning, if you provide your customers timezone, (or the IP address they last used and we can best guess it) we can schedule your emails to send in time windows that suit you

For Example if a users card fails and your chasing up, best bet is during the working day (B2B)