Onboarding is critical

You want to keep customers happy? Coming back for more? We help you deliver that value to your customers. Start Better Onboarding today!
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Why does onboarding matter for SaaS or any business?

Starts as soon as someone signup or pays

As soon as your customer has signed up to your business or made that first payment, the sales process has not finished, its only just begun!

Onboarding is all about the process of delivery value to the customer for what they have just brought, in Automaily's example when you signup an account, we are all about getting you setup and using us. If you don't get all of the value we have failed. So many businesses just zone out when a sale is complete or a trial starts, don't let that be you.

Customers who get value from you will come back, or in subscription businesses never leave you, its your job to make that happen and we are here to help!

With Automaily you can build complex onboarding systems with out simple to use, workflow builder, no coding needed (You might need to update customer meta data to get the best experience, its not to complex and we are here to help!)

Onboarding Tips


As a provider in your space you would be familiar with all of the latest news and trends, and while maybe falling into marketing, sending emails to customers during the on-boarding proves your knowledge and willingness to help

Follow Up when stuck

Every time a customer gets stuck, for example automaily when a customer does not connect Stripe, we email the day after to check they are okay and if they need help.
Your goal is to get your customer to activate and receive value, metadata based emails enable you to import onboarding

Talk to the bouncers

When customers stop making progress and bounce, you might be feeling down and uncomfortable to contact them but its a create way to learn about where to improve.

Convert Early.

If you can get your customers through your sales funnel faster you convert them faster, meaning you can start recieving income sooner. Customers start succeeding earlier and everyone is a winner

SaaS On-boarding Workflows

Automaily makes it easy to build custom onboarding email workflows
Build Custom Onboarding Workflows

It could'nt be simpler to build a on boarding workflow for your customers.

Example On-boarding Workflow
  1. Trigger a workflow on a Stripe Event (Customer Created)
  2. Send a on-boarding email
  3. Send Slack Webhook
  4. Wait 2 days and then resume between 9:00 and 17:30 (in the users timezone)
  5. Check which plan the user is on
  6. Send different email based on users Plan