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Take control of your Churn recovery process, follow our guide on how to get back that dunning income. Start Automating today!
recover lost churn

Why Churn Recovery Matters for SaaS?

Recovering Payments

Subscription businesses are becoming ever more popular and paying by debit/credit card is incredibly convenient payment method for most. The process of capturing a card and billing has become so easy with tools like Stripe. However they can be declined for a whole host of reasons, leading to churn.

Cards expire, have limits, get suspended, get lost or stolen and get cancelled, leading to a loss of your businesses revenue

A important factor to a successful subscription business is to watch your churn numbers, there are two types you need to know about in the world of SaaS. Voluntary where a customer cancels or Involuntary where your business is unable to collect payment. Both lead to loss of revenue

Automaily is here to help with Involuntary churn, by allowing you to build custom workflows best suited for your business to recovery those involuntary churning customers.

Card information is outdated or inaccurate
Fraudulent activity causing the transaction to fail
Gateway issues causing the transaction to fail
Credit Limit causes cards to be temporarily declined

Churn Recovery Tips

Try Again

One of the simplest ways to recovery lost churn is to attempt to make the charge again after a day or two. This is why we recommend SaaS business don't email customers until they have tried at least a couple of times to reprocess the payment. Delay 1 day, then 2 before sending that first email.

Time Of Day

There is no point emailing a customer out of office hours, especially if your a B2B business. People are far more likely to take action during the day.

Extend Your Campaign

Make your churn campaign longer, you should be attempting and emailing for as long as appropriate for your business, we recommend 30 days and more if your B2B

Watch for Email bounces and delivery.

If your remember emails are getting blocked, rejected or simply not read you need to start chasing by other means.

Stripe Churn Recovery Workflows

Automaily makes it easy to build stripe backed churn recovery workflows
Recovery Churn Workflow
  1. Trigger a workflow on a Stripe Event (Charge Failed)
  2. Wait, then try again
  3. Try again, email on fail
  4. Wait 2 days and then resume between 9:00 and 17:30 (in the users timezone)
  5. Try again, email on fail
  6. Wait 5 days and then resume between 9:00 and 17:30 (in the users timezone)
  7. Try again, email on fail
  8. Wait 5 days and then resume between 9:00 and 17:30 (in the users timezone)
  9. Repeat for as long as you want
  10. Email customer telling them your canceling the account
Recover Saas Churn workflow